One of the Sponsorships of the 20 th

 Electromagnetic Conference, 18-22 Sept., 2010



Training courses


IGSE; I nternational Group for Science and Environment is a leading experience house concerned with the geosciences, exploration geophysics, engineering geophysics, geotechnical studies, geodetics and geodynamics, GIS, soil mechanics, environmental research and offers an entire range of consulting services
IGSE 's consultants are highly professional, educated, experienced and knowledgeable in the field of geosciences, geophysics (ranging from the super shallow to super deep investigations), geotechnical, groundwater, archaeology, oil and gas exploration, well logging, geodetic surveys and, and drilling projects.

IGSE staff have great experience in holding scientific national and international scientific events. We organize conferences, workshops and arrange for training courses.

IGSE is the authorized Agent of D.M.T
and the Electromagnetic Instrument TemFast

Authorized Partner for the Scientific Consultant Office



IGSE is also interested in scientific exchange on the national and international rates. We arrange geological field trips for the magnificent geological features and the nature works. We facilitate the opportunity to get knowledge with the historical background and the geological guidance by the feature through well qualified university and college staff members.